Writer | Self-Defense Instructor | Encourager

On a mission to empower teen girls and women.


As a third degree black belt in mixed martial arts and creator of Strong Girl Self-Defense Program, Lori teaches a unique blend of real world fighting skills while also building strong mental and emotional foundations of self-protection.

By sharing her personal story of triumph over depression, PTSD, and childhood trauma, Lori shares God's healing and freedom to anyone suffering from trauma, disappointment, and loss.

Lori's a contributing author of Hope in the Mourning (Zondervan 2013) and contributing author and guest speaker for MOPS International.

Her writing has also been published by Chicken Soup for the Soul and numerous recovery organizations. She lives in Northern California with her husband Robert and their two sons. 

Podcast title: "How to feel more powerful, heal from trauma so we don't pass it along  to our kids...and why it's ok to be rude"

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Lori being interviewed by Mandy Arioto, CEO of MOPS International